Fuels Under the Cap, Destruction Derby, and Day at the Capitol

Fuels Under the Cap

CIOMA has been hard at work confronting the State on the difficulties of both Cap-and-Trade and Fuels Under the Cap. The State has enacted regulations to start a state-mandated gas fee – created by the California Air Resources Board “Fuels Under the Cap” regulations – which go into effect on Jan. 1, 2015. These regulations will disproportionately affect lower-income Californians and there is no guarantee money generated will go to programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that California needs to find a way to address global warming and climate change in a way that doesn’t hurt those who are already struggling to get by. This regressive fee won’t only be felt at the pump, it will also affect the price of goods and services that rely on oil and gas for transportation, including: food and water, energy and electricity, public transportation, fire protection and police patrols.

Our own Jay McKeeman recently wrote an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee addressing these regulations, which you can read by visiting this link.

Destruction Derby

A mild weekend in the heart of the Central Valley sizzled Saturday night as the California Independent Oil Marketers Political Action Committee’s 15th Annual Destruction Derby came to a smashing conclusion. Held at the Ledford Rodeo Grounds in Firebaugh, CA, on Saturday, May 4th, 2014 this year’s destructive event was attended by over nine hundred residents of Firebaugh and the surrounding communities. The derby itself featured forty cars entered by a variety of marketers, suppliers, and friends of the association in five elimination rounds. The evening culminated in one of the longest and most competitive final heats ever seen with defending Derby winner Steve Jahnsen of Rinehart Oil taking the trophy for a second year in a row.

A special note is that Steve’s consecutive win is only the second time in Derby history that someone has successfully defended their title. We hope that at next year’s 16th edition a returning competitor or someone new will prevent a record setting, third straight win by Jahsen.

While the Saturday night Derby itself is the highlight of the weekend for many, Friday and Saturday before the Derby featured a host of member activities including a Tri-Tip member dinner Friday night; bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s served alongside Jay McKeeman’s famous pancakes Saturday morning and family activities and important networking throughout the weekend. This weekend is more than just the Derby, it is a chance for members to reconnect and enjoy a fun-filled weekend with their families.

The 15th Annual Destruction Derby remains a major fundraising effort on behalf of the CA Independent Oil Marketers Political Action Committee (CIOMPAC), the political arm of the CA Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA). The dollars raised from the Destruction Derby in conjunction with other sources allows CIOMPAC to financially support members of the California Legislature and candidates for public office who are supportive of CIOMA’s legislative program or whom can wield influence over the issues of importance to the Association. Without the membership’s continued support of CIOMPAC through Derby and other events, the Association could not be a successful advocate for the industry.

Day at the Capitol

The California Independent Oil Marketer Association’s annual Day at the Capitol event was held on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. This one day event was highlighted by over thirty CIOMA members meeting with Thirty-two California State Assembly members and Senators to discuss issues critical to the association, to small businesses, to the overall success of commerce in California. This year’s Day at the Capitol began at CHOPS’ Steakhouse and Bar with an in-depth policy briefing from CIOMA Vice President of Government Relations and Communications, Jay McKeeman, covering legislation and regulatory issues surrounding greenhouse gas, underground storage tanks, an overly complex and burdensome regulatory environment for small businesses, and the myriad of restrictions and mandates placed on small businesses operating in California. Following the issues presentation, attendees were introduced to CIOMA’s new Grassroots Director and Government Relations Specialist, Scott Lipton who briefed participants on effective lobbying techniques and the What / What Not to do’s in the Capitol building.

Following the briefings and after breaking up into advocacy teams for the day, CIOMA members stormed the Capitol and presented the association’s concerns and viewpoints directly to members of the Legislature and their staff’s throughout the morning and afternoon. The information obtained about our issues and their perception in the Capitol at these meetings was also directed back to CIOMA’s government relations staff and contract lobbyist for immediate action in the following days and weeks. When participating CIOMA members were asked what the most valuable part of the day was for them, many responded with, “Being able to address small business issues” and, “networking with other CIOMA members as we visited with Legislators.”

The 2014 CIOMA Day at the Capitol ended with a reception honoring the Association’s 2014 Legislator of the Year, Republican Assemblyman and Congressional candidate Dan Logue who has been a friend and ally of the Association as we have worked with the California Air Resources Board, California Environmental Protection Agency and the Legislature to address key issues for our members. Assemblyman Logue is also the author of AB2202, a measure sponsored by the Association in 2014 and critical to the success of several of our members.

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